The Refinery Hotel is a muse of sorts, a raw, buzzing New York destination in its own right. Its guests are savvy travelers with global schedules.

And what these bustling, creative souls ultimately need is a luxurious place to hang their trench coat and close out the world for six (seven, eight, anyone?) hours of shuteye. In the morning, they need cutting-edge coffee brewed by dashing baristas and a choice of venues, gastronomically distinguished with excellent wine and world class cocktails, at which to host both their New York friends and discerning business partners.

The 12-story neo-gothic building has been designed and redefined as a place for communal engagement as well as solitary downtime, a personable and chic oasis. Our guests appreciate decadence and flair. They are unflashy in their sophistication. A night in with classic crème caramel and Dostoevsky (or maybe Lynda LaPlante) is standard.

The team behind Refinery has drawn a rule-breaking menu of services and amenities that will inject new vitality into the world of boutique hotels. Debonair in attitude, organic in style, the Refinery’s graceful innovation and classic comfort is what our guests seek from their New York accommodation. 

In the days of Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway or Julia Childs, the Refinery Hotel would be their second home. Make the moment where you are.